Lady Magistra

Welcome Slave

you are craving to serve a Goddess like me,

you always wish to serve a Goddess like me. A Goddes which you worship, which you idolize and you always dreamed about, beeing dominated.

 My beauty makes your brain weak and before you know it, you can´t resist me. Soon, you only want to serve me anywhere and anytime.

  You just love beeing treated like a Loser. Always serving and be owned by me.

 I will humiliate you hard, cause here i am the Boss! The only thing you are allowed to say, is „Thank you“ and „I understood“ my Goddess.

 Your Destination will be, to make my life sweeter and more beautiful. You will be full of joy, when you tribute me and beg me on your knees, that i accept your gifts. Look at my Amazon Wishlist.


 Get into my catches and be fucked pleasurable. Just let yourself fall and be financially dominated. I enjoy it, when i dominate and humiliate a Victim like you. I just fuck you up and let you feel, what a Loser you are.


You will soon notice, how much Power i have over you. I am your true Goddess, your real Goddess „Magistra“, that teaches you, how you serve me!


Now prove to me, that you want to serve me, Loser


I just Love:


Blackmail, Chastity, Cuckolding, Feet, Feminisation, Financial Domination, High Heels, Humiliation, Jerk off Instruction, Moneydom, Money Mistress, Shoe licking, Sissy-Training, Strapon, Tiny dick Loser